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Privacy & spam policy:

PRIVACY: AgriNews Interactive occasionally requests personal information during registration for interactive services.

At no time will AgriNews release or sell readers' personal information to outside organizations (except where required to do so by law). This means AgriNews does not support 'spammers' or junk mailers by selling e-mail lists or mailing addresses.

SPAM (unsolicited e-mail): Our various interactive e-mail services operate on a voluntary registration basis, meaning that the reader submits his or her e-mail address in order to request the service.

AgriNews Interactive takes several steps to ensure that a reader can not be unknowingly signed up for a service that he or she does not wish to receive. We discourage misuse of the sign-up forms by (a) recording the I.P. address of any computer submitting a sign-up form, and (b) requiring a reply message from the submitted e-mail address before actually activating any e-mail based service.

Readers who sign up for an e-mail based service will be able to cancel the service at any time. Cancellation instructions will be clearly indicated in each message.

COOKIES: AgriNews Interactive uses cookies to speed navigation at our site. Cookies may also be used for collecting aggregate information about which interactive features are popular with readers. We do not use cookies to monitor individual readers' activities.

If you have questions, please contact webadmin AT agrinewsinteractive dot com.

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