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  4-H registration in Lanark County starting in March

By Dianne Pinder-Moss - AgriNews Contributor

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  • LANARK COUNTY -- If any youth like having fun while developing new skills and making new friends, the Lanark County 4-H Association has lots of clubs to choose from.

    For those interested in participating in one of the association's spring clubs, a registration night is sheduled for March 9 from 7 to 9 p.m. at Zion-Memorial United Church Hall in Carleton Place.

    "This will be an information night for all clubs in the county, but signup for all spring clubs," explains Melissa Renaud, vice-president and association representative for the Lanark County 4-H Association. "There will be roughly 20 different clubs registering from gardening, sheep, dairy, beef, On Your Own, Cloverbuds, etc."

    4-H is open to youth ages nine to 21 years of age -- Cloverbuds is aimed at ages 6-8 -- as of Jan. 1 of this year.

    New clubs are always being added to the mix. One of the new offerings this spring focuses on barn quilts, which are painted replicas of actual fabric quilt blocks on boards. Through the club, members will be introduced to the concept of quilts and to design and create a barn quilt.

    "Marketing 4-H" is another addition to the club program in which participants will learn basic marketing principles and strategies, as well as how to organize a special event for fellow members and families to attend in the community. Limited spaces are available for both clubs and members must be ages 14+.

    As of the AgriNews deadline, the list of Lanark County 4-H Clubs for 2017, including contact information, was as follows:

    Ï South Lanark Vet Club (runs October to February)  -- Barb Keith, 613-264-1008;

    Ï Lanark Dairy Club -- Beth Yuill, 613-267-6123;

    Ï North Lanark Sheep -- Tanya Boyd, 613-229-0332 and Ross Creighton, 613-256-4752;

    Ï Plowing Club / Soil and Crop -- Mark Dowdall, 613-259-3131 and Andrew Dawson, 613-259-3157;

    Ï Lanark Beef  -- Andrew and Julie Dawson, 613-259-3157;

    Ï Pakenham Beef -- - Kate McNulty, 613-256-1665 and Liz Roffey, 613-432-4276;

    Ï South Lanark Sheep Club -- Melissa Renaud, 613-250-0438 and Bev Savard, 613-257-3350;

    Ï Rabbit Club -- Bev Savard, 613-257-3350 and Laura Gale, 613-315-2787;

    Ï Archery Club  -- Mark and Kim Dowdall, 613-259-3131;

    Ï Lanark Highlands Youth Centre Clubs  -- LHYC, 613-259-2012;

    ÏPizza Club-- Beth Yuill, 613-267-6123;

    Ï Birds and Bats -- Beth Yuill, 613-267-6123, Barb Keith, 613-264-1008 and Sherry Jordan, 613-267-1059;

    Ï Squaredancing Club -- Kristy Ferrill, 613-259-2431 and Shelly Quinn, 613-253-0157;

    Ï Poultry Club -- Melissa Renaud, 613-250-0438 and Jessica Pettes, 613-794-2879;

    Ï Gardening Club -- Jessica Pettes, 613-794-2879 and Melissa Renaud, 613-250-0438;

    Ï Boer Goat Club -- Sarah and Marshall James, 613-451-2042;

    ÏGeneral Goat Club -- Bev Savard, 613-257-3350 and Laura Gale, 613-315-2787;

    Ï Barn Quilt Club (ages 14+, maximum 10 members) -- Bev Savard, 613-257-3350 and Laura Gale, 613-315-2787;

    Ï Marketing 4-H (ages 14+, maximum 10 members) -- Bev Savard, 613-257-3350 and Laura Gale, 613-315-2787;

    Ï Go For The Gold -- Bev Savard, 613-257-3350 and Laura Gale, 613-315-2787;

    Ï Cloverbuds (ages 6-8) -- Melissa Renaud, 613-250-0438 and Carrie Savard, 613-807-3350.

    "We are always welcoming to leaders joining our county and running new clubs as well," mentions Renaud.

    The fee for this year is $85. Payment can be made at the registration night by cash or through cheques made payable to the Lanark County 4-H Association.

    During 2016, within the Lanark 4-H Association, there were 151 registered regular members, as well as 10 Cloverbuds, who participated in a total of 30 projects. In addition, there were 33 volunteers.

    Of course, as the association's membership coordinator Bev Savard points out, 4-H offers opportunities for youth beyond the club projects. These include camps, conferences and "Go For The Gold" and other competitions. Find out more about these opportunities at, and

    As an example, Savard's daughter Carrie will be representing 4-H Ontario and Lanark County at the Global 4-H Summit in Ottawa in July.

    "(There are) lots of interesting and worthwhile experiences for the members," she remarked.

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