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Canadian Organic Growers

  • Workshop: Growing Strawberries Organically (Posted Jan 13/12)
    Organic Strawberries are in high demand but few farmers are growing them. This workshop will discuss production and marketing of organic strawberries.

  • Workshop: Record Keeping for Organic Farming 2012 (Posted Jan 13/12)
    Record Keeping is often cited by farmers as an obstacle to transitioning to organic production. This workshop demystifies record keeping and shows how it can be easy and improve overall farm management

  • Workshop on Record Keeping for Organic Certification (Posted Jan 19/10)
    85% of farms reporting to be organic are NOT certified organic by an accredited third party – a certifying body – meaning they cannot guarantee the organic integrity of their products. One of the main reasons farmers resist organic certification is the perception that the record keeping required to meet the Organic Product Regulations is too much work. Record keeping should not be seen as a laborious and irrelevant chore, but as a way to benefit several aspects of farm operations, especially if done right. Therefore, COG is offering a one day workshop on the what records to keep and the best record keeping systems to use.

  • Will Farmers Rebuild the Local Food Infrastructure? (Posted Jan 19/10)
    Sales of organic food grow by 15% annually, but land devoted to organic production grows only by 8%. Lack of supply and infrastructure prevent potential commercial markets from sourcing local organic food. Can a farmers cooperative provide the incentive and the resources to guide more farmers into transition to organic production. Can a cooperative also provide the supply and infrastructure needed to access new markets for local organic food?

  • Getting Local Food Sold in Local Stores (Posted Jan 19/10)
    Sales of organic food have increased by over 15% over consecutive years. Yet, 85% of the organic food consumed in Canada is imported from other countries. COG wants to see local organic food sold and consumed locally. Therefore we are organizing a meeting between local Ottawa food retailers with local farmers to discuss what each other needs to do make local organic a priority for consumers

  • Workshop: Crop Planning for Diversified Fruit and Vegetable Growers (Posted Jan 19/10)
  • About Canadian Organic Growers - Ottawa Chapter (Posted Sep 24/08)

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