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  • Greenfield Applauds Passage of Federal Biofuels Legislation

    TORONTO – GreenField Ethanol, Canada's largest ethanol producer, applauded the passage of biofuels Bill C-33 May 28 in the House of Commons - the next step toward a federal Renewable Fuel Standard for transportation fuels. This new standard mandates that all gasoline in Canada be blended with five per cent ethanol by 2010.

    "With the National Energy Board predicting today that oil will stay around the $130 mark all summer due to strong demand and tight supply, Canadians need choice now more than ever," said Bob Gallant, President and CEO of GreenField Ethanol. "The House of Commons has shown leadership and vision in voting in a biofuels mandate that will help mitigate prices at the pump while also reducing harmful greenhouse gases and air pollution."

    GreenField's ethanol plants in Chatham and Tiverton, Ont. and in Varennes, QC, produce a total of 370-million litres of ethanol per year.

    The company is in the final stages of construction of a 200-million litre plant in Johnstown that will create 50 permanent jobs and more than 200 construction jobs in Eastern Ontario, while providing farmers with a new market for 20 million bushels per year of their surplus corn. Once passed by the Senate, Bill C-33 would assure this market for ethanol in the future.

    "Right now, as a result of grain ethanol, we have a market in Canada, we have infrastructure, we have customers using our product, we have companies like GreenField that have earnings and investments and are pouring millions into research and development for next generation cellulosic ethanol," said

    Gallant. "The passage of Bill C-33 will help companies like ours provide Canadians with a much-needed alternative to expensive, polluting, ozone-depleting non-renewable oil."

    About GreenField Ethanol

    GreenField Ethanol Inc. is Canada's leading ethanol producer. Its largest plant to date, a 200-million litre facility in Johnstown will be operational in December

    2008. A 145-million litre plant is in development in Hensall, Ont.

    GreenField is actively involved in the development of biochemical process technology to produce cellulosic ethanol at its research facilities in Chatham. The company has joined forces with Quebec's Enerkem to build two municipal waste-to-cellulosic ethanol plants in Canada. GreenField's ethanol is available at more than 1,500 gas stations across Canada.

    About Ethanol

    Ethanol is a renewable fuel made from the starch in grains such as corn or the cellulose in a wide variety of feedstocks including forestry, municipal and agricultural waste products. National Resources Canada's GH Genius model shows that corn ethanol reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 40 to 60 per cent compared to gasoline. Cellulosic ethanol has the potential to reduce GHGs by up to 87 per cent according to the U.S. Department of Energy's GREET model. The federal government's Renewable Fuel Standard calling for an average of five per cent ethanol by 2010 will bring GHG reductions equivalent to removing one million cars from Canada's highways each year. Ethanol burns without releasing the smoke, soot or particulate emissions that cause acid rain and air pollution. Ethanol blends of up to 10 per cent can be used in all cars on the road today and new flex fuel cars can run on up to 85 per cent ethanol.

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