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  Leeds Federation welcomes new board members
By Blair McDonald - Special to The AgriNews

Another year has passed on February 21 the Leeds Federation of Agriculture had its annual meeting and banquet. Three directors stepped down and a new member joined the board. We said good-bye to Truman Cowen, Alex Vahey and Andrew Greaves. They are going to be missed for all the work they did, thank-you from the board and members of the Leeds Federation of Agriculture.

We welcome Donald Bracken a cow-calf operator from the Seeley's Bay area. The new board consists of Steve Coote, Jeff DeVries, Bill French, Loretta Galley, Robb Irvine, Blair McDonald, Dave McLaughlin, Eleanor Renaud, Charlene Renkema, Ralph Spicer, Ruth Vogel, and Donald Bracken. Their first meeting was March 12 in Delta and Robb Irvine was elected president of LFA.

The board has a full agenda to keep on top of this year as always. Bill 81: although OFA supports the need for Nutrient Management it does not support the draft regulations thus far, but it does get better every time a new draft comes out. We continue to fight for the regulations to be simplified and a clearer statement on funding assistance needs to be made before endorsing it.

Safety Nets are still under review; the delivery system does not give the province much room to move on targeting assistance to the sectors that really need help. OFA, commodity groups and other organizations worked hard with both levels of government to put forward acceptable plans for farmers. If AAFC does not deliver we will have to go to the streets again.

We will continue our work with Grenville on a pamphlet advertising products grown in the counties and will encourage consumers to purchase local food and help understand the importance of agriculture in their backyard.

Beginning in May the directors will hit the roads of Leeds County to replace old signs and put up new ones. While doing so we will also drop off a newsletter with information about the new board of directors.

If you have any questions, issues or suggestions for the board don‚t hesitate to call one of its members. This year our meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of the month at the Delta Agricultural Society office in Delta at 8 p.m.



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