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  • Carleton County excels at Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic

    TORONTO- The 32nd edition of the Canadian 4-H Classic took place at the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair in Toronto, from Nov. 5-7. The show brought together 355 of Canada's top dairy youth, age 12-21, from seven provinces.

    Fifty-one teams competed in the exhibit categories with Carleton County finishing in a tie for fourth for best exhibit, which helped them earn second place in the Premier County competition behind Durham West, who won the Bill Edelstein Bowl, accumulating the most points in showmanship, conformation and best exhibit.

    A new feature at this year's show was the "Breeder of Distinction." Paul Ekstein, from Quality Holsteins in Vaughn, was awarded the honor and donated two female embryos for a draw that was won by Emma Farlinger of Dundas County.

    Eastern Ontario Results top 20's:

    Carleton County: Victoria Eastman 15th Junior Showmanship and 14th Holstein Intermediate Calf, Courtney Henderson fifth Intermediate Showmanship and 17th Holstein Intermediate Calf, Jaclyn Rivington third Senior Showmanship and second Holstein Intermediate Calf, Justin Velthuis third Holstein Junior Calf, Emma Caldwell fifth Jersey Calves and Kelly Velthuis eighth Holstein Junior Yearlings.

    Northumberland: Matthew Forestell second Junior Showmanship and third Holstein Intermediate Calf, Elaine Jeffs 12th Junior Showmanship and sixth Holstein Junior Calf, Emma McMillan 10th Senior Showmanship and eighth Holstein Senior Calf, Bryce Seaborn 17th Holstein Summer Yearlings and Ethan McMillan third Holstein Junior Yearlings. Northumberland finished third in the Premier County category.

    Peterborough: Vanessa Crowley first Intermediate Showmanship and eighth Holstein Junior Calf, Emily Henderson second Intermediate Showmanship, Cameron Stockdale fourth Intermediate Showmanship, Ryan Crowley 14th Senior Showmanship and 13th Holstein Senior Calf, Jesse Dafoe fourth Holstein Intermediate Calf and Joel Stillman 19th Holstein Senior Calf. Peterborough finished fourth in the Premier County category.

    Dundas County: Emma Farlinger fifth Junior Showmanship and 14th Holstein Senior Calf, Caitlin Jampen 13th Junior Showmanship, Amanda Giles ninth Intermediate Showmanship and fifth Holstein Senior Calf, Jill Kirkwood second Holstein Junior Calf, Tiffany Nelson ninth Holstein Intermediate Calf and Jeremy Rose second Ayrshire, Guernsey, Milking Shorthorn.

    Dundas County finished fifth overall in the Premier County competition.

    Russell County: Alex Chabot sixth Intermediate Showmanship and 11th Holstein Summer Yearlings, Jenna James 16th Senior Showmanship and eighth Jersey Yearlings, Kelly Ross second Jersey Yearlings and Trevor Perrault fourth Holstein Summer Yearlings. Russell finished third in Best Exhibit Group B.

    Prescott County: Jamie Fanning 18th Intermediate Showmanship and sixth Holstein Intermediate Calf, Ariane France 20th Intermediate Showmanship and 15th Holstein Intermediate Calf, Simon Beaulieu 15th Holstein Junior Calf and Courtney Connors 18th Holstein Summer Yearlings. Prescott finished in a tie for fourth for Best Exhibit Group A.

    Renfrew: Emma Howard 16th Holstein Junior Calf, Natasha Hedden 12th Holstein Senior Calf and Nathan Vandekemp 17th Holstein Senior Calf. Renfrew picked up third in Best Exhibit for Group C.

    Lennox and Addington: Courtney O'Neil 14th Intermediate Showmanship, Scott Brown 19th Holstein Intermediate Calf and Jill Brown seventh Holstein Senior Calf. Lennox and Addington finished third in Group F Best Exhibit.

    Hastings: Courtney Ray 16th Intermediate Showmanship and sixth Jersey Calves, Rebecca Redner fifth Holstein Junior Calf, Drake Stephenson seventh Jersey Calves, Martin Chamberlain 11th Jersey Yearlings and Eric Donnan fifth Holstein Summer Yearlings. Hastings finished fifth in Group C of the Best Exhibit.

    Stormont: Jonathon Buiting 14th Holstein Junior Calf and Cassidy Smith 19th Holstein Junior Calf.

    Glengarry: Kelsey MacIntosh 16th Holstein Senior Calf.

    Grenville: Colleen Halpenny 13th Senior Showmanship.

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