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  • Is it time for 4- to go back to its grassroots?
    Letter to the Editor

    The Editor:

    As a one-time 4-H leader as well as past Media Director for the Glengarry 4-H Association, I read your two-page article (three if you count the front page photo) with interest ... and was appalled!!

    We live in the same area as Mitch Corriveau and Lola McEvoy and their "farm". That they are so deeply involved in the 4-H Association and have enough clout to fire volunteer leaders such as Ruth Shannon and Harriet Corkey came as a shock.

    Adults usually get involved with 4-H because they themselves have been members or they have children in the clubs, not as a career. The article never states if either Corriveau or McEvoy had any prior connection to 4-H other than being paid employees. Neither does the Ontario 4-H website.

    So, what has happened to the Ontario 4-H Association? Were positions like these filled by "outsiders"? Were there no takers from within the organization? Why were the two long-time leaders "fired" without the due process afforded them by the 4-H constitution? What past experience with 4-H does Wraychel Horne have? Or is she just there to pull a cheque too?

    If McEvoy goes unprepared to a meeting and can't answer questions, then she should be fired. If she takes offense at how pointed real farmers and country folk can be in their questions and demands for answers and leaves in a huff, then she is in the wrong job. It isn't she who has to explain things to parents. To retaliate by firing the people who asked is petty and childish. To have one's 'partner' write and sign the letter is disgusting!

    If memory serves me right, there were some fairly heated meetings in our Association - but no one was ever fired because of them! Instead it was taken as a passion for the organization occasionally getting the better of people - it was all forgotten by the next time and we carried on for the kids and for 4-H.

    As part of Mitch Corriveau's title is 'Volunteer Support', should he not be fired for not doing his job? There was no 'support' there for sure! He was hired in July, 2010 as a Regional Specialist, made Manager in February 2011 and hires his 'live-in partner'? And no one questions this? Give me a break! Then, with 16 months under his belt he, and on the say so of someone with little on-the-job experience fires two volunteers with 39 years and 23 years experience? Am I missing something here? And the insistence of no personal connection other than sharing the same house and property? Strange.

    Maybe it is time for Ontario 4-H to go back to its grass roots and to be run by past members and leaders - people for whom it is a love, not just a job, people who know 4-H, what it stands for and realize that people are only human and that retaliation isn't how one makes things right.

    I think everyone knows who should be fired and who is owed a huge apology on bended knee!

    After all, it must be hard to justify a $65 per child membership to pay salaries for antics like this! Plus they ask for donations??

    Angela Dorie

    5200 County Road 19

    RR#2, Williamstown

    Ontario, K0C2J0

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