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  2001 IPM seeks new president

At an emergency meeting held on May 24, the board of the Ottawa-Carleton Plowmen's Association accepted with regrets the resignation of Sam Dagg as Chairperson of the IMP 2001 local committee for personal reasons, effective June 3.

The board would like to thank Sam for his efforts over the last four years. Sam was instrumental in coming up with the idea of having the IPM in Ottawa-Carleton once again, and was active in recruiting the excellent group who worked on the bid committee. Sam presented the successful bid for the 2001 IPM, which was accepted in Kingston in February. Ottawa-Carleton's bid has been recognized by the Ontario Plowmen's Association as one of the best they have ever received. Since then, Sam and his group have been busy making plans for the 2001 IPM and to date, preparations are well ahead of schedule. Thank you, Sam, and good luck in your future endeavours.

Under Sam's guidance, the Executive and Committee Chairs were on (and in many cases, ahead of) schedule in their planning. Gib Patterson (OPA Director, Ottawa-Carleton Plowmen's Association) has agreed to act as interim chairperson while the search proceeds for a permanent replacement. No disruption in planning for the 2001 IPM and Farm Machinery Show is anticipated and the board will continue to meet on the third Thursday of each month in Navan.

The Ottawa-Carleton's Plowmen's Association has formed a search committee to seek a new chairperson. This committee is looking for someone who has experience in, or is interested in the agricultural industry, and enjoys team-building and leading energetic volunteers.

For full details, interested persons are asked to contact the Search Committee chairperson Allen Hills at (res.) 257-5460 or (office) 258-8336, ext. 457.


Plowing matches have been part of our agricultural history in Ontario for well over a century. In the early days they were sponsored by Agricultural Societies, the first farm groups to be established. History records that in 1846 when the first provincial exhibition was held in the city of Toronto, a special feature of the event was a plowing match. It took place on a farm on Yonge Street in the vicinity of St. Clair Avenue. These matches not only gave farmers an opportunity to display their skill in the handling of a walking plow, but to show the fine teams of horses, many of which were important or were from imported stock.

The International Plowing Match and Farm Machinery Show (IPM) is one of the premiere competitive plowing matches and agricultural showcases in North America. The Ontario Plowmen's Association (OPA), in co-operation with the county plowmen's associations, have sponsored the International Plowing Match and Farm Machinery Show since 1913. The match is held annually in a different Ontario county or region and attracts more than 150 competitors from across Canada. This year, the plowpersons will be competing for more than $35,000 in prize money.

In 2001, the International Plowing Match and Farm Machinery Show will be held in the Region of Ottawa-Carleton. The Match will take place near Navan, Ontario, from Sept. 18-22, 2001. The last time an IPM was held in Ottawa-Carleton was in 1983.

The Ontario Plowmen's Association (OPA) is the provincial governing body of the county and regional plowmen's associations. The organization of a provincial Association in 1911 gave life to branches all across the province. The numbers grew until today we have over 50 affiliated with the parent body. The OPA has a board of 50 directors each representing a Branch Association that has held a County or Region plowing match and has a membership of at least 20 members.

The Ontario Plowmen's Association (OPA) seeks to promote the use of best practices in agriculture and to educate both rural and urban people on issues relating to agriculture and land stewardship. To this end, the OCPA hosts a plowing match in a different part of the Region every year, sends a Queen of the Furrow candidate to the OPA's provincial competitions, and sponsors a number of events throughout the year.



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